Western Lake 30A Aerial Montage

Aerial Montage of Western Lake 30A and Grayton Beach State Park

Located between WaterColor and Grayton Beach State Park, Western Lake is probably the most popular of the 30A coastal dune lakes.  Western Lake opens to the Gulf of Mexico at Grayton Beach State Park which just so happens to be one of the best in all of Florida.  Unlike other lakes in the area, motor boats are not allowed on Western Lake giving it that pristine, untouched feel.

Western Lake 30A is a highly popular Stand Up Paddle Board location in South Walton because of its tranquility and natural beauty.  An easy way to access it is via The BoatHouse at WaterColor which you'll find on our interactive 30A Map.   The Boathouse is located just north of Cerulean Park in WaterColor and offers an easy Western Lake SUP and Kayak entry point.

The BoatHouse WaterColor

The BoatHouse in WaterColor is a great way to access Western Lake 30A

Chances are good that you'll find pictures and paintings of Western Lake in just about every art store on 30A.  The most popular scene is the sun shining on majestic Pine Trees draped along the eastern shore of Western Lake.  If you own or have rented a house on 30A, odds are you probably know the picture I'm describing.

In this Western Lake 30A aerial montage, you'll see those beautiful Pine Trees in the distance.  In addition, you'll see parts of WaterColor, Grayton Beach State Park, and Grayton Beach north.  If you look really close you'll see the newly renovated 30A bike path.  It is located on the north side of Scenic Hwy 30A along the bridge that connects Grayton Beach and WaterColor.

Next time you're in Santa Rosa Beach, make sure to check out Western Lake and Grayton Beach State Park.  I promise it will be time well spent.

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