Story Behind Temperley’s British Food Truck in Panama City Beach

All About Temperley's British Food Truck a.k.a. Eat My Pasty in Panama City Beach

It was a warm, sunny day in February when we met up with Jeff Temperley, owner of Eat My Pasty and Temperley's British Eatery food truck in Panama City Beach.  Jeff's food truck was one of the many local Emerald Coast restaurants that participated in the inaugural Panama City Beach Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival.  It was a fantastic event that was held at Aaron Bassett Park which is right next to Pier Park in Panama City Beach.
Panama City Beach Food Truck Festival

Panama City Beach Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival

Last summer we interviewed Jeff at his restaurant, Eat My Pasty, in Panama City Beach.  At the time, he was just launching his new Temperley's British Eatery food truck venture so we promised we'd follow up to learn more about that at a later date.  Fast forward to late February 2018, and we were presented with the perfect opportunity to reunite with Jeff to discuss Temperley's Food Truck in great detail.

Temperley's British Food Truck Top-Notch

Jeff explained how he spared no cost when it came to building out his restaurant on wheels.  He decided to go all-in and build a world-class, pimped out food truck that had all the bells and whistles.  The kitchen in the food truck is actually a little larger and more versatile than his brick-and-mortar restaurant (Eat My Pasty) in Panama City Beach.  His reason for investing so much into the food truck is simple...  Jeff is going to franchise Temperley's British Eatery and so he will use this first truck as the training center for all new franchise owners.
Temperley's British Eatery Food Truck Panama City Beach

Temperley's Food Truck

Jeff's Success Story is Inspiring

Jeff is an immigrant from England and permanently moved to the United States about 6 years ago.  Upon arrival, he started a window cleaning business mainly operating in South Walton County.  The transition to America was anything but easy for Jeff and his family.  He left his wife and kids back in the UK and lived at a friends house in Panama City Beach while building up the window cleaning business.  He wanted to make sure he had a steady income before moving his loved ones to Northwest Florida.  Jeff is an extremely hard worker and smart entrepreneur so after just a few months, his window cleaning business really started to take off.
Jeff working Allied Window Cleaning PCB

Jeff's Window Cleaning Business

Eventually, he moved his family to the United States and they lived in a small, 2nd-floor apartment in Panama City Beach.  Shortly thereafter, Jeff and his wife decided to try their hand at making Pastys and selling them at local farmers markets in SoWal.  To their great surprise, they didn't do good at the farmer's markets they did great. People absolutely loved their British cuisine and so that sparked the idea for a restaurant that would eventually open in PCB called Eat My Pasty.  Actually, they had no choice but to open the restaurant as every room in their small apartment had full-size freezers as means to store their product.  They were literally bursting at the seams.
Eat My Pasty at Seaside 30A Farmers Market

Eat My Pasty at the Seaside 30A Farmers Market

From day one, the brick-and-mortar Eat My Pasty restaurant was a major success as people cannot seem to get enough of Jeff's British cooking.  After building up his restaurant clientele for a couple years, the food truck idea came to him and he decided to act on his intuition.

Jeff's success as a businessman here in the United States has not come without major immigration law challenges.  He's paid thousands, upon thousands of dollars working through the legal system to gain permanent citizenship status for him and his entire family.  They want to do things 100% the right way and that's what they have been trying to do.  However, the immigration laws are very difficult to navigate and he's still working on it to this day.  Jeff is confident that in the end, it will all work out and his family will soon be permanent citizens of the United States.

You'll find Temperley's British Eatery food truck at events all over Panama City Beach and Florida's Emerald Coast.  In addition to pasties, they serve up some of the best burgers and fish & chips in Northwest Florida.  You can also find them at Eat My Pasty off of Highway 79 South in Panama City Beach, FL.

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BillJuly 22, 2018 - 9:11 am

What a fabulous story…window cleaning to successful Fish and Chips food truck!!! The American dream is Alive!!!!

Adam SchlosserJuly 25, 2018 - 12:48 pm

I’m glad you like it Bill and thanks for the positive feedback!


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