30A Bike Ride Aerial Cruising Along the Timpoochee Trail

Cruising Down the 30A Bike Path

This 30A bike aerial was one of the most fun videos we've had the pleasure of shooting to date.  It was captured on Halloween day 2016 and was a perfect blue sky, 80 degrees FL Panhandle day.  We started the 30A bike ride shoot on the bridge at Camp Creek Lake in old Seacrest.  The idea was to get GoPro footage mounted on the bikes and mix it with the aerial views from our Phantom 4 drone.  The drone views turned out amazing as the DJI Phantom 4 shoots ultra crisp 4K video.  However, the GoPro footage left much to be desired.  We didn't have a proper gimbal to steady the GoPro so the ground bike video is pretty shaky.

From Camp Creek Lake we moved east down 30A to Seacrest Beach where we captured some fantastic drone footage.  Again, the bike GoPro footage is a little bouncy but it does still give some perspective to what it's like rolling down the Timpoochee Trai.  All in all, it turned out to be a cool video that showcases the 30A Bike Trail from the ground and air.Drone View of 30A Bike Ride

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