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Wild Olives is My Favorite Place to Sip Wine and People Watch

Discussion in '30A East Restaurants and Happy Hour Specials' started by 30aWineLover, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. 30aWineLover

    30aWineLover New Member

    I've stayed in Rosemary Beach a couple of times over the past few years. Wild Olives is one of my favorite places to go for a glass of wine. It has a relaxing outdoor seating arrangement that is so much fun. Their cheeses are so tasty and they have a huge wine selection.

    It's downtown Rosemary Beach on the north side of 30A so there are always people out and about. My husband acts like he doesn't like it (sports bars are more of his thing) but he always has a great time when we go. People watching and day drinking in the Florida sun is something I am so looking forward to this year!
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  2. 30APrimeGuy

    30APrimeGuy Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing 30aWineLover! Wild Olives in Rosemary Beach is a fantastic restaurant. But as you pointed out, if you like wine it's a must go to spot.
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