Why 30A is My Escape

Why 30A is My Escape

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30A is My Escape Because…

30A Florida is a special place for so many reasons.  Most everyone would agree that they love the sugar white sand beaches and turquoise Gulf water.  But there is so much more that makes this part of the FL Panhandle unique.  We went ahead and asked some locals why 30A is their Escape.  Here’s what they had to say…

Celia Schlosser 30A Escapes Property Manager


30A is my escape because of all the outdoor, family friendly activities. We love being able to walk to restaurants, watch an outdoor movie, listen to live music or even take a horse and carriage ride!  On hot summer days when the beaches are crowded we love to bike over to the splash pad in Alys Beach, hang at the fountains in 30Avenue or spend the morning in the Rosemary Beach’s shaded playground. There is never a shortage of outdoor activities perfect for families on 30A! – Celia S.


Dylan Bozarth - 30A Escapes Director of Guest Services


I find my escape on 30A kayaking the rare and beautiful coastal dune lakes. I love to load up my kayak and adventure across the lakes. The sunsets are breathtaking and the fishing is excellent. The perfect day ends with a slot redfish or a few speckled trout in the cooler for dinner!  – Dylan B.



Jessica Kriser 30A Escapes Property Manager


30A is my escape because I love going to the beach in the evening. The sun is slowly setting and painting the sky in vibrant colors and the rhythm of the waves washing up on shore is so relaxing. It is truly a postcard experience. – Jessica K.


Trevor Dooley 30A Escapes CFO


Shore fishing is my favorite way to escape on 30A. The best time of day is late afternoon into early evening when you can watch the sun slowing setting and hopefully catch a fish or two! – Trevor D.


Cassi Hollington 30A Escapes Vice President


30A is my Escape because of the beautiful beaches by day and the fun shops and dining by night. There is just something about the salty air blowing through your hair while watching a stunning sunset sky. I love walking under the twinkling lights in Rosemary Beach on my way to La Crema for a decadent dessert. – Cassi H.


Dana Dooley 30A Escapes Director of Marketing


Riding a beach cruiser bike down 30A is my escape. I enjoy seeing all the locals and tourists taking advantage of our beautiful location. During my rides I often like to stop and walk down to the beach to just listen to the Gulf and smell the salt air.  It is a relaxing reminder that I live every day in a piece of paradise. – Dana D.


Will Schlosser 30A FL Fan and Frequent Vacationer


Fishing on the beaches of 30a is my escape. I really love standing in the Gulf water patiently waiting for a bite on my line. The sunshine, salt air, and the sense of an endless summer make this paradise for me. – Will S.


Lauren Moon 30A Escapes Property Manager

30A has the perfect mix of arts and culture at the beach. I can often be found spending an afternoon in Seaside checking out the eclectic galleries at the Ruskin Place Artist Colony or catching a play at the Seaside Repertory Theatre then, spending the evening listening to some live, local music at Grayton Beach’s Red Bar Restaurant or the WaterColor Inn’s Gathering Spot. But more than just things to do, 30A has so much to see! The architecture is one of a kind, from the Old World European style of Rosemary to the modern, Moroccan infused design of Alys Beach. The brilliance of the area is that the development complements, not detracts from, the natural beauty of the Gulf. South Walton’s emerald waters and “sugar” sand beaches were enough to make me fall in love with the area, but it’s the arts and culture of 30A that truly make it that much more special. And that’s why 30A will always be my escape. – Lauren M.

Jim Dixon 30A Escapes CEO


Watching the sea life while kayaking, exploring our State Parks, admiring the various architectural styles in the many communities, and especially enjoying a sunset cocktail at the beach walk down with my wife are just a few things that make 30A my escape! – Jim D.


Greg Castleberry 30A Escapes Property Manager

I love the feeling I get when I travel down 30A, the moment I come to the stunning stand of cypress pines reflecting in Western Coastal Dune Lake, I am filled with tranquility. You can get off the beaten path and ride your bike on the 200- plus miles of trails through the state parks and state forest. You can do almost everything you want to do on 30A, fine dining, middle class dining… and you don’t have to deal with all the traffic you have in Destin and Panama City Beach. This is what makes 30A my escape. –Greg C.

Below is a beautiful aerial video of Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach and Seacrest Beach…


Please feel free to comment below and let us know why 30A is your escape!

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