What’s Kombucha? Meet the Owners of Noli South Kombucha in Panama City Beach

Noli South Kombucha

While playing outside with my children in 30Avenue, a man and his wife joined us with their daughter.  He had some cold non-alcoholic brew with him, planning to make a delivery of his product to one of the stores.  He had an extra bottle, offered it to me, and after tasting Noli South Kombucha, I decided I really needed to interview this guy and his wife.Noli South Kombucha PCB

There are many small businesses along the Emerald Coast that start by turning a love of something into a full-time venture.  This is the theme I found in the story of Noli South Kombucha.  After a trip to Louisiana left them feeling that local options for small batch kombucha were lacking, Steve and Summer Kole began brewing Kombucha for fun a few years ago.  They gave it to their friends, who loved it and asked for more.  Their passion for kombucha suddenly turned into a business that they named after their daughter, Magnolia.  They call her Noli.

Kombucha is a drink made from raw, vegan probiotics.  Steve and Summer  believe that kombucha adds healthy bacteria to your diet, helps maintain gut health and boosts your immune system.  Steve says some of their customers have replaced a daily beer with kombucha, with results that include feeling less bloated and having higher levels of energy.

Steve and Summer brew the kombucha at Finn’s Barista Bar, a coffee shop they manage that is part of Finn’s Island Style Grub, located at 7220 Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach.  They want customers to know that “we brew our kombucha with all organic ingredients and in small glass vessels, so that we are able to provide the community with what we believe is the best tasting and highest quality kombucha around.”  Their process is FDA approved and they are working on becoming USDA certified organic.

Steve and Summer have had fun with their customers at Finn’s Barista Bar, using them as taste testers to perfect their product and to come up with the four current flavors.  When they have new flavors for testing, they put them on tap and ask for feedback. 

We have a case in our refrigerator, and my favorite flavor is Ginger Lime.  It is so refreshing to sit on my back porch and drink an ice cold kombucha.  The other flavors include blueberry lemon, hibiscus grape and carrot orange.  Support local businesses and try a Noli South Kombucha, sold at any of the following locations from Panama City to Blue Mountain Beach on 30A.  You will love it!

Purchase Noli South Kombucha at any of the locations below

  • Finn’s Barista Bar
  • Finn’s Island Style Grub
  • Finn’s Island Style Grubb @Little Village
  • Wild Root
  • Amavida Cafe
  • Gypsea Crepes
  • Liza’a Kitchen
  • Raw and Juicy
  • Raw and Juicy Life
  • For the Health of It
  • The Carousel Supermarket
  • Twin Oaks Farm Stand
  • Mount of Olive
  • Fatty’s Sandwich Shops
  • Chiringo
  • Freshii

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