April 2017 30A East Bike Ride Through Rosemary and Seacrest Beach

Spring break 2017 on 30A was busy as always and the goal of this video was to share that energy with the rest of the world.  It captures a small slice of the 30A east spring break vibe as it was shot on April 4, 2017.  The majority of the vacationers in town that week were from Atlanta as it was their school systems SB.

This 30A video was produced on an overcast April day from a Jamis Taxi beach cruiser with a GoPro Hero 3 camera.  The idea was to drop into the east end of the 30A corridor starting at Shades Bar & Grill in Inlet Beach.  From shades we biked past the RMB Eastern Green and did a loop through North Barrett Square capturing as much of the action as possible.  We proceeded west down the Timpoochee bike trail towards Seacrest Beach and did a loop around Peddlers Pavilion.  

We cruised back onto the 30A bike path and headed west past Seacrest Sundries and through Rosemary Beach.  We dropped into the south side of RMB at the East Water Street stop light and cruised through the residential areas of south Rosemary Beach towards downtown.  Downtown Rosemary was bustling as we rode through down to the beach.

This April 2017 30A bike ride ended where it started.... in Inlet Beach at Shades Bar & Grill.

Spring Break 2017 Bike Ride Through Rosemary Beach

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