The Emerald Coast is the “Sand Castle Coast”

30A Prime Interview with Capri and Rick Mungeam of Beach Sand Sculptures

We recently had the immense honor of spending a July morning with Capri and Rick Mungeam the husband wife team behind “Beach Sand Sculptures“.  If you’ve spent any time on the beaches of South Walton then there’s a good chance you’ve seen their fantastic work.  Capri and Rick have been teaching people how to build incredible sand sculptures along Florida’s Emerald Coast for more than 8 years.  In addition to offering Sand Castle lessons, some of the other services they provide include creating jaw-dropping sand sculptures for marriage proposals, weddings, special events, resorts, corporate team work outings and more. Capri and Rick pride themselves on helping to make great memories for everyone they have the pleasure of doing business with.

Rick Doing Work

Before Beach Sand Sculptures

Rick and Capri raised their family in the great state of Colorado.  When the economy took a nose dive in 2008 / 2009 they found themselves in a tight financial situation and were forced to sell their home.  At the time, Rick was a resort architect and he loved the process of creating stunning buildings.  Unfortunately, due to the tanking economy they were forced to conceive a whole new game plan for success.  It was time for a change of scenery so they traded mountains for beaches… 

Road Trip to Florida

The duo sold their home (which they attribute to the Lord’s good work), purchased an RV and hit the open road.  Looking for warmer weather they headed southeast in the direction of Florida.  As they crossed the Destin Harbor Bridge for the first time, they were amazed by the Emerald waters and white sand beaches.  Both were highly intrigued so they decided to volunteer at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park where they fell in love 30A.

Sandcastles and Dreams

In their downtime, Rick and Capri would go to the beach and build sand castles. The pair didn’t think much of it at the time but people continuously stopped to complement them on their work. Folks were eager to learn how they could build sandcastles like the ones Rick erected. Naturally, Rick started teaching beach goers how to create sandy artworks.  Then one day he made a heart shaped sand sculpture and a wedding party happened to walk past.  The group was in awe and immediately asked if they could take pictures.  Thrilled that they would want to include his creation in their wedding photos, Rick was happy to oblige.  On that same fateful day, photographers at work on the beach stumbled upon the heart shaped sand sculpture and asked for permission to use it in their photos. At that point, Capri and Rick sensed they were on to something big and Beach Sand Sculptures was born.

Make Lasting Memories in the Sand!Present Day

Today Rick and Capri have a thriving business that continues to grow. In fact, it has grown so much that Capri has coined the term “Sandcastle Coast” because they do work everywhere from Panama City Beach, to 30A to Destin. They have more than 20 sandcastle coaches working for them that have gone through rigorous training because they want their customers to have the best possible experience.  Training new sand sculpture experts has allowed them to positively impact more families on vacation, locals looking for something fun to do and guys looking for a unique way to pop the question.

Capri said, “I love looking at the couple’s pictures from the engagement sculptures. You see every moment of when the guy pops the question… You can see the nervous part right before he proposes and the woman’s shocked expression. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of…”

Environmentally Friendly Sand Sculptures

Capri and Rick’s team builds all of their sand sculptures in such a way as to not disturb the natural setting around them. Many people make the mistake of digging deep holes when trying to construct sandcastles, but those cavities can cause problems for sea turtles.  The couple want people to know that holes are not necessary in the creation of world class sand sculptures.  For more information on how to protect sea turtles, they recommend referring to the South Walton Turtle Watch.

Capri and Rick care deeply about their customers’ experience and put a great deal of effort into making sure everyone has a fantastic time.  If you’re looking to make lasting memories and are interested in setting up a sandcastle lesson or would like a sand sculpture made simply go to their website here…

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