Rosemary Beach Aerial

Rosemary Beach Aerial

A Tour of Rosemary Beach, FL

Rosemary Beach Town SignJust about anyone that has visited Rosemary Beach will tell you it’s a unique place in so many different ways.  If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to experience it then you’ve come to the right place.  We’ll do our best to describe with words this 21 year old master planned 30A beach community.  In addition, you’ll see Rosemary Beach with your own eyes as we fly from north to south over the heart of the Town Center all the way to the Gulf of Mexico so lets get started.

Rosemary Beach is located on the eastern end of scenic hwy 30A Florida.  To the east is Inlet Beach and to the west is Seacrest Beach.  No matter which direction you enter from, you’ll know it when you arrive.  Live Oaks and beautiful open greens line the sidewalks which are trafficked by pedestrians on bikes and afoot.  Incredible French and Spanish style architecture is on display in all directions.  Cobblestone streets and oil lanterns pull the European feel together even more throughout this mature Emerald Coast beach town.

Getting to Rosemary Beach is easy from anywhere in the world.  The Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is just a 20 to 25 minute drive.  In addition, the Destin / Fort Walton Beach Airport is about an hour away to the west.  When you arrive in this special place you will not need to worry about driving a vehicle.  A large network of interconnected pedestrian pathways weave throughout the entire 107 acres making it easy to access swimming pools, parks, restaurants, shops, tennis courts and of course the beach.  No matter what part of the neighborhood you stay in, you’re never far away from anything thanks to its unique design as you’ll see in our Rosemary Beach Aerial video below.

Fun Things To Do in Rosemary Beach

Soaking in the sun on the sugar white sands beach is a favorite activity of all people that visit this 30A gem.  However, Rosemary Beach is an active community and there are plenty of other fun things to do in addition to sipping cold beverages with your toes in the water.  For example, if you like tennis then you’re sure to enjoy the Racquet Club.  With eight perfectly manicured clay courts it lives up to its slogan of “A Tennis Lover’s Paradise”.  Also, located next to the tennis courts you’ll find the Fitness Center and Sky Pool.  The Fitness Center is a large facility equipped with treadmills, free weights, free-motion equipment and CyBex Arc Trainers.  You’ll find the tennis courts, fitness center and Sky Pool at the far east end of RMB on the north side of hwy 30A.

If shopping is more of your thing Rosemary Beach will not disappoint.  All throughout the Town Center you’ll find many different types of boutique stores.  With so much variety, it’s easy to spend the better part of a day browsing through shops.  Some of the more popular merchants in RMB include the following…Rosemary Beach Town Center

Popular Restaurants in Rosemary Beach

It’s only natural to work up an appetite after a long day on the beach or tennis courts.  Luckily, a delicious meal of any kind is easy to find in Rosemary Beach.  Some of the more popular places to grab a bite in the heart of the Town Center include the following…

  • Wild Olives is a full food service Bistro that specializes in gourmet cheeses and fine wines.
  • Restaurant Paradis is the place to go if you want a great steak and bottle of wine.
  • La Crema is a tasty and unique restaurant that specializes in tapas and chocolate.
  • Havana Beach Bar and Grill is located in The Pearl hotel.  They specialize in Spanish, Portuguese and French flavors.
  • Cowgirl Kitchen is an American style joint with a little bit of everything to offer.
  • Amavida Coffee and Tea is a great place to grab an espresso and scone any time of day.

As much as we’ve told you about this amazing place, there will always be more to RMB than we have time to include.  For example, we have not even mentioned the fact that Rosemary Beach is quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding venues on the Emerald Coast.  With so many beautiful Gulf view green spaces throughout the town it’s easy to see why people choose to get hitched here.  We’ll go more in-depth on that in another article but now it’s time to stop reading and start watching.  The Rosemary Beach aerial video below will give you an incredible view of this 30A masterpiece beach community.



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