Meet the Artists of “30A Artist Studios”

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30A Artist Studios30A Artist Studios

Sometimes friends can surprise you with hidden talents that become more visible over time.  Such is the case with my artist friend Mary Redmann.  I knew she was raising her three children, finishing up her degree and deciding how to utilize it.  I knew she enjoyed dabbling in art as a hobby.  I realized the depth of her talent and dedication to her craft when I bid on a piece of her art at an auction.  What follows is the story of how 30A Artist Studios came to be.

Mary is a self-taught artist who draws most inspiration for her work from nature and rock formations.  Mary said, “I’ve always felt close to nature, and it’s one of the main things that I look forward to when I travel back to my native Sweden every summer.”  She enjoys using mixed media and resin.  She believes her art allows her to freely express herself.  “Art represents to me an invitation to continue experimenting and learning; a process through which I grow as both an artist and human being.  And perhaps, the greatest part of it is being able to fail, knowing that this is one of life’s most beautiful gifts.” 

With her degree completed and her children in school, Mary has devoted more time to showcasing her work and talent.  While displaying her work recently at the Foster Gallery, Mary met 3 other artists with varying backgrounds.  These talented artists decided to come together, support each other and rent a space to display their art.  30A Artist Studios is located at 237 Market Street, 32459.  With their new studio gallery space, they offer a one-stop location to locals, vacationers and designers looking for unique, personal art.

They participate in the First Friday Art Walk, which runs from May thru October from 4pm to 7pm at different locations.  Enjoy browsing their websites and reach out to each of them personally to schedule an appointment at 30A Artist Studios.

Meet the Other Artists:

Melissa Mercer Brown



Melissa Mercer Brown: As a teenager, Melissa Mercer Brown enjoyed oil painting and watercolor.  She is an artist whose work is inspired by those things around her, such as trees, family and coastal dunes.


Sarah Stewart



Sarah Stewart: Sarah Stewart also draws inspiration from nature. Her dad is an artist, so she spent a lot of time around him practicing and perfecting her craft as a small child. She went to nursing school, but decided to follow her passion and focus on art full-time.


Polli Youngbeck



Polli Youngbeck: Polli Youngbeck says her work is inspired by God. She enjoys acrylics and uses a palette knife as a signature part of her creations.  She is also a henna artist.



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