The Village of Baytowne Wharf

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The Village of Baytown Wharf is located in the heart of the San Destin Golf and Beach resort. It’s a beautiful water-view with tons to do! Some of the attractions of the wharf are Adventure Land Playground, Baytowne Adventure Zone, Baytowne Carousel, Baytown LIVE, BLAST Arcade and Laser maze and Captain Rex’s Sailing Adventure.

The Adventure Land Playground is perfect for children who want to explore and enjoy a nautical themed play area. It’s also a safe spot for the kids and a chance for the adults to take a break. If you have older kids or you are just a big kid at heart the Baytowne Adventure Zone has all the adventure you need! Will arial views of the village at your finger tips you can zipline across the beautiful lagoon. If that’s not enough of an adventure for you or you are seeking some more time on the ropes they also offer the following attractions: Attractions include:
– Baytowne Zipline – $20
– EuroBungy – $15
– Sky Trail Ropes Course – $15
– Tower Climb – $10
– Sky Tykes – $10
– Golf Challenge – $10
– Baytowne Tug Co – $3


Baytowne Carousel is also for the whole family to enjoy. A beautiful carousel with festive lights and music. You and/or your child may be swept around in a musical adventure with zebras, dragons, cars and more. If you’re looking for something a little less cyclical you can take your chances at BLAST Arcade and Laser Maze. The Maze will spin you around, but in quite a different way. This is great for older kids as well and of course, you and your adult friends.

Across from the Blast Arcade and Laser Maze is Baytowne Live on Adventure Lane is a newly renovated art and entertainment lawn has a brand new stage where you will find musical, artistic and interactive entertainment. 

Finally, one of the most relaxing adventures in the mix is Captain Rex’s Sailing Adventure. Take a breath-taking sail on schooners. They have quite the collection of them and for different occasions. You can contract for private parties and they have different events for all ages. For children and teens they have day time picnic cruises and pirate themed cruises or if you’re looking for an adult only affair they have elegant cheese and wine cruises that are sure to please.

No matter what you like to do or want to do the whole family can find an adventure at the Baytowne Wharf!



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