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The Shard Shop is a trendy Make-Your-Own-Art Boutique that is a spin-off of ShardART classes taught by local artist, Mary Hong. Her classes became so popular, and her students so demanding, that she decided a permanent studio-type place that people could come to any day/time to make art would greatly enhance the art world in Walton County.

The Shard Shop idea was born a long time ago, but the space actually opened up officially on April 12, 2015. We have helped hundreds and hundreds of people not just make art, but find their creative soul! We’ve healed people who are stressed out or battling illness or grief. We’ve helped people make art to gift those dear to them needing an artful-lift. We’ve helped organizations needing art to donate to raise money for their causes. Making art…using your hand in concert with your brain is really what it’s all about. The tablets and phones don’t even catch our attention because we’ve become so enthralled with what we’re doing at The Shard Shop. Even kids who have a hard time concentrating LOVE to sit and sift through all the sparkly goodies we have on hand and arrange it in a way that “speaks” to them. The other bonus is that we’re using clean trash! It’s already broken! It’s castaway glass, porcelain, beads, toys, shells, wire, a little of this and a little of that. It’s like finding the perfect letter “R” in a gnarled root of a tree and saying…”Wow, look at that!”

It’s also about honoring all those little “things” we have stashed in a drawer somewhere. We hold on to beach glass from a long ago vacation, that cool rock from some canyon, sand from the Mediterranean, a trinket from a market somewhere. They are all memories. We hold on to them and we tuck them away and we forget about them. Our premise is to get them out of the boxes and drawers and satchels and honor them! Put them on a canvas and let them tell the story! Then, pass that story on to generations after you! Honor that stuff! Keep it small! (Then, toss the other stuff because, if you’re like me, all that “stuff” really needs to GOOOO!) That small stuff is all you need to keep the memory alive.


The Shard Shop is committed to fostering an inspirational, positive, creative environment within our Shard-filled 800 square foot space. We have a small library of idea books, a glorious outdoor covered patio area, and plenty of free parking.


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