Jewelry of 30A… A True Gem

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Meet the Owners of Jewelry of 30A, Tim and Patsy Hardin

Tim and Patsy HardinWhen I heard about Jewelry of 30A, I decided to check it out.  Walking into the store to explore, take some pictures and interview the owners, it was difficult to decide what to photograph among the many fine pieces.  The owners, Tim and Patsy Hardin, take great pride in every aspect of their store.  Whether it’s fixing jewelry, selecting pieces to sell or making special jewelry pieces for customers, Tim and Pasty strive for 100% satisfaction and building long-term relationships with every costumer they serve.

Tim, working in a job where he traveled and spent a lot of time away from his family, told me that his love of jewelry began when he bought a diamond for $60.00 at a pawn shop and sold it to a jewelry store for $120.00.  After that, he began learning all he could about jewelry, including how to cast jewelry.  He sold jewelry out of a case for a few years and apprenticed under some of the best jewelers before opening his store in Tennessee.   Today, more than 30 years later, Tim is an expert in his field.  Patsy adds her own special touch to the business by supporting Tim in the store and designing some of her own jewelry. 

After owing the store in Tennessee for many years, their love of the Emerald Coast Beaches led them to move their store to 30A in Seagrove.  Located at 3723 East County Highway 30A , Jewelry of 30A is open 10am to 5pm Monday through Saturday.  

A full service jewelry shop, Tim and Patsy sell many types of jewelry.   You may enjoy browsing their specialty line of 30A charms.  Patsy told me she decided to design this line after customers expressed an interest in having a 30A charm.  Perhaps you would enjoy their line of beach jewelry or their expansive selection of diamonds.  They also have many options for special occasion jewelry such as engagement, anniversary rings and birthstone or family rings.Beautiful Jewelry

Maybe browsing one of their many catalogs to inspire your customized design would be fun!  Tim relayed to me that he still takes many special orders from customers in Tennessee and has even had customers drive to Florida from Tennessee just to have him design their special ring. 

Tim loves to design jewelry that has significant meaning for someone.  He told me he recently designed a piece of jewelry for a customer whose daughter had found a small pearl in her oyster and wanted it to be mounted into a special piece of jewelry.  The daughter came into the store several weeks later, happily wearing the charm and thanking him for his special design. 

Jewelry of 30A also repairs jewelry.  Tim and Patsy treat every customer fairly.  Whether your jewelry is $100.00 or $100,000.00, the price of the repair is the same.  Beyond repairs, Tim does an excellent job of “damaging” your jewelry if you have a medical emergency, such as a bee sting, and need to have your  ring cut off.  He knows how to make a very clean cut in order to make repairing your damaged ring easier.

Tim and Pasty go above and beyond to make sure every customer is satisfied with their jewelry purchase, which easily explains why they have so many loyal repeat customers.  Says Tim and Patsy. “Quality and honesty are important.   We really try to make everyone happy.”  Visit their store in Seagrove and let them help you create that special piece of jewelry you have been envisioning.

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