Inlet Beach Aerial

Inlet Beach Aerial

Inlet Beach Aerial – A View from Up Top 30A FL

As the great Frank Sinatra once sang… “Come fly with me, let’s fly, fly away. If you can use some exotic booze there’s a bar on 30A

OK… I made that last part up but I think it works:)  Anyway, we’re so happy that you’ve found us here at 30A Prime where our focus is on highlighting the best that 30A FL has to offer. This is just the first of what will be many amazing aerial videos produced along the 30A corridor.  So come fly with us as we start by exploring Inlet Beach from up high.

Inlet Beach is all about Location, Location, Location

30Avenue Inlet Beach Aerial Photo
An aerial photo of Inlet Beach and 30Avenue

Inlet Beach is located at the the eastern most end of South Walton county.  Directly to its west is Rosemary Beach and to the east is Lake Powell.  Lake Powell is the largest of the super rare coastal dune lakes that are found all along scenic 30A FL.

Just a short 5 minute drive east down hwy 98 you’ll find grocery stores, Dunkin’ Donuts, restaurants and a CVS pharmacy.  Just a few minutes further east and you’ll hit Pier Park.  There you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants, stores, activities, carnival rides, movie theaters, a fishing pier and much more.  It is basically a 1 stop shop for food, retail stores, beach and entertainment.  Also, the Panama City Beach Airport is just a 20 – 25 minute drive from Inlet Beach.  So in regards to finding a convenient location on 30A, it’s pretty much impossible to beat IB.

Inlet Beach is Growing

Inlet Beach is often referred to as the “new kid on the block” in regards to real estate along the 30A corridor.  New commercial and residential properties are being erected faster than any other beach community in the area.  For example, 30Avenue is a new commercial development located in the heart of Inlet Beach.  There you’ll find fantastic restaurants, shops, fitness studios, professional offices, live music and more.  30Avenue is located on the north side of 98 right across the street from Shades Bar & Grill and is just a short walk or bike ride from Rosemary Beach.

Camp Helen State Park is another point of interest.  The state park bumps up against Lake Powell to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.  Camp Helen is a must see if you decide to vacation in Inlet Beach.

Inlet Beach Offers the Best Public Beach Access in South Walton County

Inlet Beach has a plethora of positive things going for it these days.  However, in the opinion of many people its best attribute is the public beach access points.  No where else along 30A or in PCB will you find a cleaner, more accessible beach than Inlet Beach.

The main access point is at the south end of Orange Street and it offers nice restrooms, tons of parking and a convenient boardwalk with ZERO STAIRS!  In addition to the main Orange Street access point, there are at least 4 other painless public beach access spots throughout IB.  No more driving in circles trying to find a place to park.  No more hauling beach gear up and down steep stairs.  It’s easy to get on the water at Inlet Beach.

There’s definitely a growing Buzz in regards to Inlet Beach so please take a few minutes and enjoy a view from above.

Inlet Beach Aerial Video…

Map of Inlet Beach, FL 32413



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