Cook Girls’ Bakery a Sweet Surprise

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30A Prime Interview with Cook Girls’ Bakery

It was a lovely August afternoon when we sat down to speak with the Cook Girls about their growing bakery and flourishing following on the Emerald Coast.  Ashley and Courtney Cook are the founders of “Cook Girls’ Bakery” located in Panama City Beach, Florida.  The sisters put all their hard work and passion into every scrumptious bite of their pastries, cupcakes, tiered cakes and other delicious treats.  If you aren’t familiar with them yet, you soon will be…

Cook Girls Modest Beginnings

30A Prime Interview with Cook Girls' BakeryWhen I asked the sisters if they had always cooked together they looked at each other and laughed. They explained that their parents made them learn how to bake at a young age and much of their family time was spent in the kitchen. However, it wasn’t until they focused on raising money for mission trips that they realized this could be a booming business.  Everyone at church raved about their Sugar and Peanut Butter Cream Cookies, and that was the Cook Girl’s epiphany…

The business started off at their church in their home state of Georgia.  However, they soon decided to move to Panama City Beach and go all in. They researched how to start a business and the best way to serve the people of 30A, PCB, and the entire Emerald Coast with their sweet treats.  The girls’ father is an accountant by trade and he helped them set up the financial and legal ends of their sugary business.

Cook Girls’ Bakery Business

What caught my attention about Cook Girl’s Bakery was that they have a large social following for still being a relatively small business. The sisters bravely started a career together in what is known as a cottage bakery. They don’t have the industrial tools that the chain bakeries have and they don’t have the ability to make “Dora” themed cakes without copyright access, but they do have the ability to create some of the best sweets you will find along Florida’s Emerald Coast.

Since they are a small business without a brick and mortar location they bring the sweets to you. You can order as little or as much as you want and they will deliver them to you in their Cook Girl’s Bakery van. The sisters create masterpieces for weddings, birthdays and all other types of occasions. Everything they make is 100% customize-able and they taste test everything before they serve it to their clients.  At the same time, if you simply want one cupcake, they are happy to make that one cupcake for you.  In other words, no order is too large or too small.

One of the best parts about their business is that it brings smiles to peoples faces.  A great way to get a feel for what they make is by following them on Instagram as they post pictures and information about their latest creations daily.  For those looking to place an order with Cook Girls’ Bakery, it can be done via Instagram, their website or by simply giving them a call at 470-326-6547.

Taste Testing Cook Girls’ Bakery

Our interview with the Cook girls took place at the 30A Prime Grayton beach office.  The girls brought in lots of fabulous treats for us to try and I was lucky enough to sample each dessert.  In cute pink pastry boxes came Pecan Brownies, Peanut Butter Cream Cookies, pumpkin decorated Sugar Cookies, and Key Lime Cupcakes.

They were as excited to share them with me as I was to eat them. I started with the Pecan Brownie. It was dense and very rich. The Cook Girl’s told me that they use a special type of chocolate for their brownies and toast the Pecans that are put into the brownies. This is what makes their brownies special.

The next one I bit into was a Peanut Butter Cream Cookie and I know why they are famous. These cookies are the real deal… Two perfectly made peanut butter cookies with a homemade peanut butter cream in the middle. Mrs. Fields, eat your heart out!  Thinking that nothing could possibly be much better than this I reluctantly put the peanut butter cookie down to try their sugar cookie.

This sugar cookie was decorated like a perfect pumpkin and would be great for a Fall gathering.  I’m not the biggest fan of sugar cookies, but they were the best I have ever bitten into. Just to show I’m not biased we have a sugar cookie enthusiast, Dana, in our office and she couldn’t believe how delectable these cookies were.

Now with new enthusiasm for the Cook Girls Bakery, I tried the Key Lime Cupcake. It was perfect and didn’t crumble like some cupcakes do, yet it retained its moisture.  It was dense, not too sweet and had the perfect amount of key lime flavor.  Not only did it have cream on top, but it had a key lime filling in the middle. It was exquisite!

Cook Girls’ Bakery is Growing

The Cook girls business is thriving and they hope to soon expand operations.  Their dream is to have a café location where people can stop in and get their freshly baked treats every day.  After meeting with Ashley and Courtney Cook I believe that they will make that dream into a reality sooner rather than later. The sisters are a direct reflection of their business: ambitious, brave and sweet. 

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