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Local 30A Area Parks You Need to Explore

Discussion in 'Outdoor 30A Activities' started by 30APrimeGuy, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. 30APrimeGuy

    30APrimeGuy Administrator Staff Member

    Our favorite 30A Prime contributing author Teri Cook recently published an article on local parks. In the article Teri touched on Frank Brown Park which is one of my families favorites. Located next to Pier Park in Panama City Beach, Frank Brown has a great playground, baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, hiking trails and much more. Frank Brown even has a dog park if you're looking for a place to let your fury friend run around off leash.

    My new favorite park is Pilcher Park located in SoWal under the south side of the 331 bridge. I visited Pilcher Park for the first time last Friday June 9. My goal was to snap a few pictures to go along with Teri's article and get back home fast. However, that changed shortly after arrival as I was blown away with how awesome the new park truly is. My first thought upon arrival was that this is the perfect place to bring my 3 year old to fish. Such easy access to good bay fishing is really difficult to find anywhere else. In addition, I was impressed with the size of the park. It is much larger than I anticipated and there are plenty of available parking spots. Pilcher Park has 4 really nice boat launches making access to the Choctawhatchee Bay easy. If you're a 30A local or just visiting I highly recommend checking out Pilcher Park.

    Feel free to comment below and let us know about your favorite 30A area parks...



  2. B-Chan

    B-Chan Active Member

    Wow, That dock is beautiful. This is definitely a great fishing spot or spot for wedding pictures. You could almost post something about this in the wedding part of the forums as well. Thank you for sharing!
  3. 30APrimeGuy

    30APrimeGuy Administrator Staff Member

    This past Sunday June 18 / Fathers Day we spent a couple hours fishing at the new Thomas Pilcher Park. We had an absolute blast and confirmed that it's the perfect place to bring young kids that like to fish. The Choctawhatchee Bay is almost always calm compared to trying to take kids surf fishing at the beach. The park is super "fish-able" / kid fishing friendly meaning you don't have to worry about them falling into the water or getting swept away by a big wave. I highly recommend taking your family to Pilcher Park if you've not yet been there. Here's a quick video I shot at Pilcher Park on Fathers Day 2017...

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  4. B-Chan

    B-Chan Active Member

    SO cute!! It is perfect for small children. I love this!! I wish their was a love button as well as like I would love your video. haha Your little boy is so cute!
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  5. 30aEscapes

    30aEscapes New Member

    Here's a cool Pilcher Park aerial video that SoWal.com did...

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