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Inlet Beach Kayak Fishing Lake Powell and the Gulf of Mexico

Discussion in 'Outdoor 30A Activities' started by 30APrimeGuy, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. 30APrimeGuy

    30APrimeGuy Administrator Staff Member

    The coastal dune lakes that run along the 30A corridor are beautiful and fun to fish. Living in Inlet Beach, I've spent many hours kayak fishing Lake Powell and the Gulf of Mexico. The great advantage to kayak fishing most of the coastal dune lakes is that on calm days you can spend half your time on the lake and the other half on the Gulf. Since the lakes interact with the Gulf waters, getting a kayak from the lake to the Gulf is usually easy to do. You'll just want to make sure you have a north wind before heading out on the Gulf. The Gulf waters will typically be flat as a pancake when the wind is out of the north.

    From my experience, Spotted Seatrout and Redfish are the 2 most prevalent fish in Lake Powell. I mainly use a silver spoon or Got-Cha plug when fishing on the lake. Both lures work really well for trout and reds. There are a number of public launch areas on Lake Powell. Personally, I like to launch my kayak from the South Walton public pier off of North Walton Lakeshore Drive in Inlet Beach. There's plenty of room on the side of the pier to launch a kayak or stand up paddle board.

    Some other easy kayak launch places on Lake Powell include...

    Camp Helen State Park (If you don't have a kayak you can rent one at Camp Helen)
    Lake Powell Public Boat Ramp (located on the east end of the Phillips Inlet Bridge behind Publix grocery store)

    Once in the water, my favorite part of Lake Powell to fish is the north side of Camp Helen State Park. So if your on the north side of the Phillips Inlet Bridge, there is a nice drop-off, off the northeastern corner of Camp Helen's shoreline. I've caught a ton of fish on that drop off and typically start my day at that spot.

    When I get board with the lake I simply paddle south until I reach the Gulf. Often times the lake it open to the Gulf waters so I just paddle through. If it's not open, it's super easy to drag the kayak across the beach into the ocean.

    Kayak fishing in the Gulf off of 30A is one of my favorite things to do. However, I do highly recommend going out with a buddy and wearing a life jacket. The method I like best is trolling just past the second sandbar. I like to use a medium to large size silver spoon lure with 10-12 pound line and a heavy leader. Let the line go out at least 100 yards and start paddling east and west in the blue water. In the summer you'll catch large King Mackerel all day long. The Pompano bite is particularly good late fall, winter and early spring. Depending on the bait and tackle you use, you'll catch a wide variety of fish year round.

    If other 30A Prime Forum members want to chime in on fishing Lake Powell and the Gulf from a kayak please feel free to do so below...

  2. B-Chan

    B-Chan Active Member

    That's awesome! This seems like so much fun and what a great picture!
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