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If you Like Kombucha You Need to Try "Noli South Kombucha"

Discussion in 'Local Brews' started by 30APrimeGuy, May 25, 2017.

  1. 30APrimeGuy

    30APrimeGuy Administrator Staff Member

    I had no idea what "Kombucha" was until it started showing up in our refrigerator a couple years ago. My wife heard about it from some friends in her workout class and she's been hooked on it ever since.

    A couple weeks ago, Teri Cook posted a fantastic article on what has become our Go Too source for this fermented tea beverage ... "Noli South Kombucha"

    Blueberry Lemon is my favorite Noli South Kombucha but all of their flavors are really good. Ginger Lime is my wife's favorite so we try to keep our fridge stocked with both flavors.

    Noli South's operation is located in Panama City Beach but you'll find their small batch Kombucha in stores and specialty shops all along the 30A corridor. We usually get ours at Freshii located in 30Avenue Inlet Beach. Checkout Teri's Noli South blog post for the full list of places to purchase this tasty drink.


    This forum thread is a follow up to Teri's "Meet the Owners of Noli South Kombucha" blog post and is designed to allow 30A Prime Community members to add to the conversation...
    Last edited: May 25, 2017
  2. B-Chan

    B-Chan Active Member

    I have never tried this. Have you ever tried it 30APrimeguy?
  3. 30APrimeGuy

    30APrimeGuy Administrator Staff Member

    Ya - my wife is obsessed with it so I've tried it a few times. It is truly delicious.

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