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Electric Cart Company in Santa Rosa Beach is a Good Choice for 30A Golf Cart Rentals

Discussion in 'Local 30A Business and Services' started by 30APrimeGuy, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. 30APrimeGuy

    30APrimeGuy Administrator Staff Member

    Electric Cart Company is another good option for golf cart rentals. They are located in Santa Rosa Beach and have a large street legal golf cart inventory. No need to worry about picking the golf cart up as they offer free deliver to your 30A vacation rental.

    If you are staying in WaterColor, then Electric Cart Company is your only choice. They have an exclusive deal and are the only golf cart rental company that WaterColor allows. Make sure to checkout the list of 30A communities that have banned golf carts before getting your hopes up. Specifically, communities like Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach and WaterSound have banned them for 30A vacationers. Some of the communities on the "golf cart ban list" do occasionally grant property owners special waivers to have them. However, if you're vacationing in one of the communities that outlawed them then you are out of luck unfortunately.

    If having a golf cart for your Florida vacation is a must, then definitely book a property in one of the "Free 30A communities" so you won't have an issue.

    Some of the 30A communities that still allow golf cart rentals include...

    • Dune Allen Beach
    • Blue Mountain Beach
    • Grayton Beach
    • Seagrove Beach
    • Seacrest Beach
    • Inlet Beach

    Electric Cart Company has 3 types of street legal golf carts to choose from and they are...

    • 4 Passenger Golf Carts
    • 6 Passenger Golf Carts
    • 8 Passenger Golf Carts

    Here's the link to the Electric Cart Company's website... http://30aprime.com/Electric-Cart-Company

  2. BernieBrewer

    BernieBrewer New Member

    Thanks for the Electric Cart Company recommendation. We reserved a golf cart for our upcoming Watercolor vacation. It sounds like the rules regarding street legal golf carts on 30A have really started to tighten up. Anyway, thanks again and I'll post here after our vacation and provide feedback on our experience with them.
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