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30A Transportation - 30A Sunshine Trolley is a Great Option

Discussion in '30A Florida Vacation Guide' started by 30APrimeGuy, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. 30APrimeGuy

    30APrimeGuy Administrator Staff Member

    30A Sunshine Trolley is a fantastic FREE service and important part of the community. The trolley route runs the entire length of the 30A corridor... from Dune Allen Beach on the west end all the way to Inlet Beach on the east end. It's a great option for those people looking to take in all of 30A FL without having to worry about driving.

    Why fight traffic or get stuck behind a slow-moving golf cart when you can sit back and relax on the trolley? If you have kids they will most likely love it. Adults can enjoy the many watering holes on 30A without having to worry about designating a driver.

    Traffic on scenic hwy 30A during the spring and summer months has become a big issue and the Trolley service is an important part of the solution. The trolley program is paid for by various HOA's and property developments along the corridor.

    There are a few communities on the east end of the beach that have thus far chosen not to participate in the 30A trolley program. As a result, the trolley passes through but does not stop in Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach and Rosemary Beach. However, if you're on the east end of the beach you can catch the 30A Trolley at "30Avenue" in Inlet Beach.



    This forum thread is a followup to Teri Cook's recent article (30A Trolley 101) on the history of the trolley program and where it's headed going forward. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the 30A Sunshine Trolley below....
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  2. Escapes Rental Guy

    Escapes Rental Guy New Member

    Can't wait to use the trolley!! It will be my preferred method of transportation this summer to avoid the parking nightmares of our wonderful beach communities!
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  3. TN_Girl

    TN_Girl New Member

    I can't wait to try the trolley. I love that we are seeing more transportation options as the traffic gets really heavy in the summer.
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  4. FinnDavis

    FinnDavis New Member

    I completely agree! I'm excited to give the trolley a try possibly as soon as this weekend. 30Avenue is a perfect starting point... enjoy a happy hour drink or 2 at Barbacoa and Cuvée 30A. Then ride the 30A Trolley to Seaside for dinner. Not having to worry about finding a parking spot there will be huge. Then cruise back to Inlet Beach after dinner. Sounds like a great night!
  5. B-Chan

    B-Chan Active Member


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