‘Big Bad Breakfast’ Lard have Mercy!

30A Prime Interview with “Big Bad Breakfast” in Inlet Beach

Big Bad Breakfast opened in Inlet Beach on June 2nd, 2017.  On that special summer day, my family and I decided to give it a try and we soon realized that we’d discovered an incredible new breakfast spot.  Big Bad Breakfast is located in “The Pointe” which is a beautiful new Inlet Beach development.  The location could not be better as it’s on the south side of HWY 98 right next door to Rosemary Beach and across the street from Shades Bar & Grill.  The restaurant space is large and offers both indoor and outdoor seating.  The outdoor seating backdrop provides awesome views of The Pointe’s resort style pool.

Since our first visit in early June, we’ve gone back to BBB just about every weekend to enjoy the view and their delicious food.  Being such a huge fan, I thought it would be the perfect 30A east restaurant to highlight in our next Prime interview so I reached out to David Chiasson.  David is the assistant general manager of this new 30A eatery and he graciously accepted my interview request.Big Bad Breakfast Inlet Beach Florida

How Big Bad Breakfast Came to Be

Our interview began poolside as we spoke with Meighan Morris, general manager of Big Bad Breakfast.  It turns out the restaurant was started by award-winning Chef John Currence.  Originally from Mississippi, Chef John has been on the Food Network a few times and he won the prestigious James Beard award back in 2009.  The award honors chefs that make America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone.

Meighan went on to tell us that the original Big Bad Breakfast opened in Oxford, Mississippi in 2008.  Since then, another BBB opened in Birmingham, AL and this 30A Big Bad Breakfast is their third location.  They’re planning to expand even more in 2018 with additional Florida locations.

I was still curious…how did Chef John conceive this restaurant concept and why is he expanding it further?  It turns out the answer is simple.  The chef believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it should be regarded as such. Chef John uses only the freshest ingredients which result in mouth watering home-made meals that are sure to keep people coming back.  Also, his entire staff is top notch and offers amazing service from start to finish.

The Big Bad Breakfast team is very accommodating and will work with people that have food allergies or aversions. They allow customers to sub anything so that the meal is served exactly the way they want it.  For example, BBB not only offers regular bacon but they also have a chicken sausage option for those who do not consume pork.  Many breakfast places on 30A are heavily influenced by pork menu items and that’s not always a good thing.  My father cannot eat pork and so it’s hard to find a breakfast place that is accommodating. Big Bad Breakfast has a carved turkey and chicken sausage that sets them apart from the rest. 

Chef John wants everyone to start the day off right with really good food as it will set up your entire day in a positive way.  However, if you’re not a breakfast person no need to worry, they have other options as well.

30A Big Bad Breakfast MenuBig Bad Lunch

Big Bad Breakfast has a mouth watering lunch menu in addition to their breakfast items. Their “Big Bad Burger” is a huge hit.  David Chiasson, during his portion of the interview, joked that the burger’s “comeback sauce” is what keeps people coming back. I think it’s a combination of the sauce AND David’s infectious personality that bring people back for more.  They also have a delicious Cobb salad that highlights turkey, turkey wraps and much more.  In my opinion, significant menu variety is a big key to their success and I can tell you that’s why we keep going back.

Big Bad Breakfast Signature Dishes

Big Bad Breakfast has signature dishes that stand out above the rest and we got to try three of them. Specifically, we tasted their BLT Omelet, Big Bad Burger, and Shrimp n’ Grits.

Now there isn’t a bigger breakfast staple than an omelet so if you can’t make a good omelet you might as well not be in the breakfast business.  Their omelets are amazing!   They’re constructed with smooth eggs wrapped around fresh ingredients that explode in your mouth.  Their signature BLT Omelet features home-made fat back bacon and believe me once you bite into it you can tell the difference.  It’s covered with a tomato gravy that pulls the whole dish together and is complemented with two sides: hand cut French fries and sherry vinaigrette mixed-greens.

The Big Bad Burger is huge and it’s loaded with pickles, red onion, comeback sauce, and a beefsteak tomato.  This burger is juicy and with the hand cut fries on the side, it makes for a perfect lunch after a morning on the beach.

Shrimp N’ Grits are a southern specialty and at Big Bad Breakfast they don’t disappoint.  Warning: They are filling!  So, you have your seasoned grilled shrimp on top and underneath are the grits that line the plates in heaven.  Maybe they should be called Big Heavenly Breakfast?  Anyway, the grits are cooked to perfection with cheese and mixed in are veggies, spices, and andouille sausage.  The Louisiana inspired smokey sausage with the grits and shrimp brings the whole dish together.  You’ll think you’ve been eating in NOLA the entire time.

The Big Bad BarBest 30A Breakfast Spot

The “Big Bad Bar” is a great place to relax and enjoy a delicious cocktail.  If you’re a Bloody Mary fan you need to give theirs a try.  It’s a special homemade mix served in a large glass with all the fixings.  Drink it in the bar or bring it out to the pool and catch a buzz while you soak in the sun.

If booze isn’t your thing that’s completely fine.  The Big Bad Bar is still a great place to sit, eat, and enjoy their freshly squeezed juice.  They squeeze their orange, grapefruit and lime juice there every day right in front of the guests.  David laughed, “The kids really love to watch the juicer. It keeps them entertained…”

I got to try some of the freshly squeezed orange juice and believe me, it was bad ass!  IMHO, they have the best juice on 30A.  I can’t wait to go back and try their grapefruit juice.  

Big Bad Breakfast is a Must Try 30A food spot for locals and guests alike.  It’s perfect for people of all ages and palate types.  As chef John likes to say, “Let’s give the proper respect to the most important meal of the day.” I’ll see you there!

Please take a few minutes to watch our full video interview with the “Big Bad Breakfast” team below…

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