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About the Visionary Behind the 30A Sunshine Trolley…

Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine Founder John Finch

The high season is upon us and the 30A Sunshine Trolley is in full operation.  As a local, my family loves riding the trolley.  My boys like listening to the sound of the trolley’s ringing bell, and it’s a way for my husband and me to experience the beauty of 30A, absent the hassle of driving a car.  When I sat down with John Finch, the owner of Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine and the visionary behind the trolley, I learned there is a story behind every trolley.

About 17 years ago, John decided to move to the beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast.  For some time, John traveled back and forth from New York to finish up business there, using a taxi for his airport transportation.  Through his experience, John saw an opportunity to create and provide great, reliable ground transportation service.  John bought two cars, and Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine was born. Today, John has over 70 vehicles in his fleet and Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine is the largest ground transportation provider throughout all of Northwest Florida. 

John likes to study the bigger traffic picture, so in addition to owning a transportation company, he consults with communities that are seeking better ways to solve traffic problems.  So it was natural for John to notice the increasing traffic problem over the years along 30A during the high season.  Getting to work on solving the problem, John came up with the 30A Sunshine Trolley.  John said, “There’s enough parking spaces when you leave your car in the driveway.”  In fact, Sunshine Shuttle can pick you up at the airport, and you can ride the trolley along 30A, which gives you more options when deciding whether renting a car is right for you. 

In addition to decreasing traffic along 30A, the trolley is a fun way for vacationers and locals to travel the entire length of the 14-mile stretch of 30A.  If you are drinking, no worries.  Take the trolley and be safe.  Are you staying in Blue Mountain Beach and want to go to lunch in Seaside?  No problem.  Hop on the trolley.

Ride The 30A Sunshine Trolley…

The trolley is paid for by the various commercial property 30A Trolleydevelopments and HOA’s along 30A .  Trolley stops begin on the west end of 30A at Cypress Dunes in Dune Allen Beach and end at 30Avenue on the east end of 30A in Inlet Beach.  There are stops in-between at Gulf Place, Dune Side, Blue Mountain Beach beach access, AJ’s at Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Surfing Deer/Veridian in Seagrove, One Seagrove Place, 30A Townhomes, Old Florida Fish House, The Hub and The Pointe. 

The trolley passes through Alys, Seacrest and Rosemary Beach to get to the trolley stops at the Pointe and 30Avenue from The Hub.  If you are a vacationer in the communities of Alys, Seacrest or Rosemary Beach and would like see trolley stops added, leave that feedback in a note to the owner of your rental.  If you are an owner in these communities and would like to see this amenity added for yourself and your rental guests, reach out to your community leaders and ask them what you can do to help add trolley stops in your community.

The trolley runs Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day from 12pm to 10pm, with 3 trolleys running continuously along 30A, picking up and dropping off passengers every 30 minutes at each of the 14 trolley stops.  You can download the Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine app on your phone and see where the trolley is in real time or book on-demand riding service. 

The trolley is free and I use the trolley ride to teach my 5 and 7 year-old boys about the art of tipping and being nice to others who do things for us.  So be kind to the driver, and remember to give them a tip before getting off at your stop:)

30A Trolley Route Map 2017

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